Soft/Bio Supergroup meetings - Shared screen with speaker view
Kinjal Dasbiswas
if you prefer to type your questions, please do leave them here. We will read them out to the speaker at the end.
Sujit Datta
Thank you for such a beautiful talk! You nicely showed how the competition between the Maxwell relaxation time, bacteria alignment time, and active time scale controls the onset of persistent oscillations. Do you have any thoughts on the distinct influence of elastic hoop stresses? Swimmers in solutions of long flexible polymers also generate elastic hoop stresses that arise from polymer stretching in the curved streamlines generated by the cell’s helical trajectory. In some cases such elastic stresses strongly influence swimming e.g. Paulo Arratia’s group has shown that such stresses cause E. coli to swim faster and “wobble” less. Do you have any thoughts on what the influence of such elastic stresses may be on those amazing giant vortices? (BTW, beautiful work!)